Media buying

When the reach of our Exclusive Data Sets and Affiliate Network are not enough, We Breathe Media have access to a range of media sources which can add additional exposure to our clients’ acquisition campaigns. This activity is planned in accordance with our Advertisers’ daily, weekly or monthly requirement. Planning and buying is conducted on an agency or CPM model, the combination of which is bespoke, dependant on your demographic.

Social (Facebook / Instagram / Snapchat)

Knowing the ‘little tricks’ of how to make social campaigns perform at their best is key to the success of your paid media strategy. WBM partner with Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat partners who use a combination of proprietary technology, unique data and years of experience to maximize efficiency and drive results on the world’s largest social media platforms.


LinkedIn’s network of professionals offers valuable opportunities to speak to individuals in a highly targeted and unique way. WBM partner with LinkedIn strategic partners who help Advertisers looking to engage, increase brand awareness and fuel purchases on LinkedIn.

Google Ads

WBM partner with specialist agencies with experience in managing Google Ad campaigns that drive a profitable return on investment for Advertisers. From paid Search Engine Ads to Google Mail sponsored Ads and the Google Display Network WBM will provide a fully managed service to help Advertisers maximise ROI.

Magazine Subscription Lists

WBM’s team have a long-standing history of working with large magazine publishers throughout the UK. WBM’s Advertisers can take advantage of exclusive rates for advertising across multi-demographic publications via Email, Display and Inserts & Print.

Out of Home Advertising

People typically spend more time out of their homes than at home, whether they are working, shopping or socialising. This means it’s becoming increasingly difficult for brands to engage with them. 
WBM work with multiple partners offering digital and print OOH advertising opportunities, targeting commuters throughout the UK. Examples include advertising throughout the Underground networks in UK cities, exposure on buses and throughout Airports. Clients often find this exposure surprisingly cost effective and, when combined with online campaigns, conversion rates increase.


Radio advertising is a relatively cheap and quick option, accessing loyal listeners. Businesses can successfully reach their target audience and achieve brand awareness.

Marketing Week reported that, ‘commercial radio reaches 88% of UK adults every week’ and ‘seems to be reaching coveted youthful audiences, with 2016 Rajar figures showing that 77% of 15 to 24 -year olds and 72% of 25 to 44 year-olds tune in every week. Meanwhile, the BBC reaches 35% of 15 to 24-year-olds and 59% of 25 to 44-year-olds.’

WBM’s team have strong ties with UK radio broadcasters both nationwide and locally, and we purchase Ad radio time at scale. This allows our Advertisers to purchase air time at exceptional rates regardless of marketing spend available.

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