With the amount of data generated in today’s world, advertisers, ad agencies and publisher networks alike must rely on the right set of tools to accurately aggregate, analyze and organize this BIG DATA. With our software, clients can properly attribute the various touchpoints of all their marketing efforts to evaluate measurable customer engagements. Our Systems enable you to;

  • Run multiple cross channel campaigns simultaneously across multiple Geo’s and currencies.
  • Work with full visibility with suppliers, publishers and affiliates ensuring compliance and optimisation.
  • Track in real time performance, fees, commissions and all associated reporting.
  • Run a GDPR compliant suppression management process across all partners and channels.
  • Maintain securely all and any sensitive campaign relation data in a GDPR compliant manner.
  • De-duplicate conversions (never attribute a conversion to more than one supplier)
  • Support all Commercial models; Fixed Fee, CPM, CPC, CPL, CPS, CPi, CPA, CPR.
  • Have all channels visible in one place; Email, Social, Display, Retargeting, PPC, SEC
  • Maximise ROI through lead validation. 
  • Exercise Fraud Controls. IP Address, Geo Location, Conversion fraud, bot traffic and domain blacklisting

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