Suppression & Validation

Prior to the deployment of any email acquisition campaign it is essential that the data sets have been cleaned, suppressed against our client's database and validated upon deployment.

We utilise one of the fastest and most accurate data cleaning platforms available.

This ensures our lists are as valid, active and responsive as possible, thus maximising the deliverability of your campaign.  

Once cleansed and validated, we utilise enterprise class Suppression Management systems.

These systems ensure that Brands do not email individuals that may either be existing customers of theirs or individuals that have opted out at a brand level.

Suppression lists are processed in a secure encrypted fashion and circulated in this manner to the relevant Media Owners.

The effective utilisation of these systems is a requirement under GDPR and are an essential part of any successful and compliant email campaign. 

Upon deployment of any campaign, lead validation systems are essential.

This ensures our clients are only paying for leads that are unique and valid, ensuring the best ROI for the spend. We utilise real time validation software on our campaigns.

A combination of data cleaning, suppression and validation ensure the successful deployment and long term sustainability of Email Marketing Campaigns.

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